Online store owners and online sellers, in general, have to take care of many things in order to become successful. For instance, without a good product or service, you can’t expect to grow and expand your business. But, it’s not just the product that plays an important role in this process. For instance, the way this product is presented on your website is crucial for the process of selling things over the Internet. Remember that people don’t have a chance to see the product physically and that’s why they need good photos.

The same goes for everything else on your website – the blog posts must have high-quality photos. If you want to save some money on images, we suggest trying free licence images. There are dozens of online platforms where you can find images like this and in this article, we will focus on the best ones.


Crew is a famous online marketing agency that has decided to create an independent platform for free licence images called Unsplash. In addition to free stock photos (thousands of them), you can also find excellent graphic design work which is created by users.


Keep in mind that Flickr was not created for providing free licence images, but they have a wide array of this kind of images. We are talking about high-quality photos that you can use literally everywhere. They have more than three million photos and many of them are completely free for personal and commercial use.


Pixabay is a popular image repository. It gathers images from other platforms and shows them in one place. Their objective is to present the best of free licence images for commercial and personal use. What’s interesting and different about Pixabay is that users can search images based on the camera type used for their creation. Many users have found this option quite useful and this is especially true for photographers.


Pexels was founded in 2015 and in less than 3 years they have become one of the most used websites for free licence images. They have created this website for programmers, artists, writers, designers and other people looking for beautiful photography. This website also gathers photos from other sites and helps users find the right photography for their projects. The good thing is that Pexels is always looking for the images with the highest quality.


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